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Welcome to the Chalfont St Peter weather website sponsored by Countdown Enterprises Ltd.

The weather station is located to the north east of the village at approximately 320ft between the A412 and A413 roads. Due to local terrain, weather can vary considerably over quite short distances.

The original station was a Davis Vantage Pro1 put into service in March 2005. It was replaced in June 2011 with a Vantage Pro2. The sensor suite was also relocated and is now at 18 ft, 5.5M compared to the VP1 location which was 20 inches, 0.5M.

The station was connected to Weather Underground in September 2005 and uploads data to their website every 15 minutes.

A solar radiation sensor was added to the system in September 2010 and in May 2011 a UV sensor was also added. Solar Energy is measured in Watts per square mm and the following is a rough guide to conditions associated with different values within full daylight hours.

30 - 40                Heavy Cloud

150 - 200           Grey Cloud

200 - 400           Weak sun thro cloud

400 - 700           Bright Sun

700>                   Strong Sun

UV Index ranges from 0—2 Low, 3-4 Moderate, 5-6 High, 7-9 Very High  & 10+ Extreme

A heater has now been added to the system so that snow is melted and appears as rainfall.

System Status

All sensors working.